Prana Spa Day time Azaya Beach Resort Goa

At Azaya, wellness is a way of life. Rejuvenate as you unwind and breathe in the fresh sea breeze as we take a holistic approach to wellness. Revitalise with our rejuvenating therapies on our beachfront amidst powder-soft white sands showcasing the beauty of natural surroundings. Nestled in a palm grove by the sea, Prana Spa offers personal treatment tents immersed in nature with a touch of luxury. Recharge and rejuvenate as our skilled therapists perform soothing treatments to indulge and pamper you. Should you prefer, Prana also offers in-room treatments in the comfort of your room.

Prana Spa Day time Azaya Beach Resort Goa
Prana Spa Massage Table Azaya Beach Resort Goa 2
12. Prana - Spa Area


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