About Us

Azaya embodies a set of core values that are intrinsic to who she is. In service, design and operating philosophy, the concept revolves around the following

Azaya is about Inspired Living

The surrounding will compel our guests to think and feel differently with Azaya’s inspired design. Distinctively located right on the pristine white sands of Benaulim beach with unparalleled views of the Goa shoreline, the hotel is upscale and luxurious; yet maintains a fine balance with nature. Azaya draws inspiration from the Maldivian sense of place which is all prevalent at the hotel with the uninterrupted soul-stirring sea views and powder-soft white sands right up to your doorsteps. Azaya also celebrates her Portuguese past with a beautiful Portuguese Garden and other design influences.

Azaya is about Personalized Experiential holidays

Azaya’s operating ethos revolves around ‘creating your own unique experience’. Guests experience authenticity and personalization through our services which will be intuitive and adaptive as per guest needs. Personalization is the cornerstone of our offerings and services. The guest experiences and itineraries will be curated and tailor-made.

Azaya is Youthful, Fun Loving, Relaxed and Uninhibited

Azaya is all about cherishing those moments with your loved ones in your own unique way amidst its fun-loving, relaxed, private and uninhibited settings. Azaya exudes a sense of tranquillity and youthful vibrancy at the same time. The offerings and service model is breath of fresh air, inspiring her guests to reimagine holidays. Unadulterated fun and playfulness are quintessential of Azaya’s experiences.

Azaya is about Celebrations

Azaya is the perfect getaway for intimate celebrations with loved ones, family and friends. With well crafted tailor-made experiences, these celebrations can range from birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, reunions to celebrating those special milestones that make for unforgettable experiences.