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Benaulim Beach Activities at Azaya Beach Resort

Get ready for an unforgettable vacation at our resort with experiences in Goa. Each month we offer our guests a unique selection of different experiences. With our experts as your personal guides, we invite you to explore Azaya and Goa as each moment comes alive.

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Pomret with a side of raw onion and vegetable salad

Try your hand at recreating those dishes as our chefs take you through a culinary journey transcending eras and transporting you to a world bygone.

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Visit the local bakeries, and experience the local baking and cultural heritage.

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Prosecco Sundowners, enjoy chilled Prosecco and freshly made sushi whilst enjoying the beautiful sunset.

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Under the expertly trained hands of your therapist, allow daily concerns to take a back seat as you claim time to attend to your wellness.

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For a most unique celebration of nature, plant a tree, name it and contribute towards building a green ecosystem to become a permanent part of the resorts.


There's no better way to decompress from a hellish workday or workout than a bath. Take a look at our therapeutic experiences in Goa to find out more.