Bathroom of our hotel with bathtub in South Goa

Therapeutic Bath Experiences

Honey, I washed the kids

Bubbles and rubber duckies — it doesn’t get more fun than that. Enjoy splashing around in a warm bubble bath surrounded by rubber duckies. A delicious bath time treat for mini VIPs, served with Honey Milk.

Now & forever

A tub surrounded by rose petals, cool rose-scented face towels, rose massage oil, A glass of cocktail / Mocktail of choice and chocolate-dipped strawberries round out this truly romantic experience perfect for two.

Bathtub filled with a bubble bath and azaya written with rose petals inside the tub - Azaya Beach Resort
Woman enjoying a beer bath at our wellness resort in Goa

Azaya Bath & Beer

There's no better way to decompress from a hellish workday or workout than a bath. Energizing warm water soak infused with essential oils. Bath is best enjoyed with chilled beer and pretzels.

Silk & Spice

Relax in a tub full of goodness and let the soothing salts rejuvenate the sore and tired muscles. Cinnamon scented salts that wash away the sand from the day at the beach. Savour on cool saffron and almond-flavoured milk with pistachio ice cream served in a bowl of dry ice.

Detox Bath

A detox bath will help your body in eliminating toxins as well as adsorbing the minerals and nutrients that are in the water. Soaking in Epsom salts actually helps replenish the body's magnesium levels, combating hypertension.

Your therapeutic experience is sure to be enhanced by our wide range of luxury products from Forest Essentials. 

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