New Year Party in South Goa

Experience an unforgettable New Year celebration in South Goa!

Room Décor of Your Choice
Azaya Bath & Beer Bath Experience
Glamping Dining Experience
Floating Breakfast options with Pool Suites
Beer/Mocktail on Arrival
Buffet Breakfast
Beer Bucket in the Evening
Airport Pickup and Drop

Fireworks in the sky - New Year Party in South Goa

At Azaya Beach Resort Goa, we believe that welcoming the New Year should be a special and memorable experience. As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, our resort offers the perfect New Year party in South Goa.

Let's talk about our spectacular New Year celebration in South Goa! Our exclusive New Year package includes a range of exciting amenities to ensure your celebration is nothing short of extraordinary. Begin your stay with room décor of your choice, setting the mood for a festive getaway. Relax and rejuvenate with our unique Azaya Bath & Beer Bath Experience, indulging in the ultimate luxury.

As the evening unfolds, delight your taste buds with our Glamping Dining Experience, a culinary adventure like no other. For those staying in our Pool Suites, savour a Floating Breakfast, making your mornings truly magical. Upon your arrival, savour a refreshing Beer or Mocktail to kickstart the festivities and set the perfect tone for your upcoming New Year's Eve party in South Goa.

Wake up to a sumptuous Buffet Breakfast, energising you for the day's festivities. As the sun sets, relish a Beer Bucket in the evening, perfectly complementing the celebratory spirit. To ensure a seamless experience, we offer Airport Pickup and Drop for your convenience.

At Azaya Beach Resort Goa, we're dedicated to hosting the best New Year party in South Goa by creating beautiful experiences worth cherishing. Join us for an enchanting and luxurious way to usher in the New Year, surrounded by the beauty of South Goa's pristine beaches and top-notch hospitality. Book your stay with us today, and let the countdown to an unforgettable New Year's Eve begin!