Sit out near the private pool of an Azaya XL Pool Suite

Private Dining in South Goa at Azaya Beach Resort

Alcove Dining

Woo your loved ones and indulge in quintessential gourmet experiences. The amorous ambience that is vying for your attention is as appealing as the private dining delights that take you on an epicurean journey.

Beach Dining

Scrunch your toes in the powdery white sand under a blanket of sparkling stars, served on a secluded area of the beach Azaya’s romantic Candlelight Dinner is the epitome of special occasion celebrations, polished to perfection with the sweet and soothing sound of the waves lapping against the beach.

SUNKEN Sand Dining

These extraordinary sunken beach dining settings are created for you to enjoy the vistas of the Arabian Sea at See level and enjoy the sunset hues around a gourmet dinner.


Under the starry night enjoy the experience of Camping done right in a completely luxe setting enjoy the night away with barbeque, bonfire and some soft music that soothes the mind and refreshes the soul.


Think of luxury picnic where curated design meets world class cuisine. We take care of all the details - we scout the perfect location, bring the food and set it up to look amazing. Plus, we clean everything up when you're done so you can walk off into the sunset.