Explore South Goa: Plan Your 3-Day Itinerary

When we talk Goa, we talk beaches! Goa is the western state in India located at the coast of Arabian Sea which means it has a huge number of beaches. From more than 30 beaches in Goa, some are frequently crowded by tourists and others are yet to be discovered - giving them a calm, hidden gem vibe.

The beaches are not the only thing that define Goa, the Portuguese architecture and the cuisine add to the beauty of the small state that attracts a multitude of tourists from across the globe. While planning a trip to Goa, make sure that you are able to experience it all.

When it comes to long weekends and planning an itinerary for a trip, don’t all of us want to plan a perfect getaway? No doubt, it can be a bit of a tedious task to take out time from your schedule to plan an itinerary. Well, when it comes to planning an itinerary, we are here to help you take that load off of you so you can only focus on enjoying your weekend getaway relaxing on the golden sand of Goa’s beaches.

Here is a 3-day itinerary for South Goa to make sure that you get the most out of your trip to Goa.

Beach Trail

As Goa habitats a huge number of serene beaches, a visit to Goa is incomplete without visiting them. So during your trip to South Goa, visit the beaches which offer different soulful experiences during different hours of the day.

As you go about visiting the beaches in South Goa, which are not as crowded as the ones in the North, you might come across some of the gems like Agonda Beach - which is lined with colourful shacks on one side and a never-ending sea on the other. The crowd here is more filtered and you get a chance to savour the authentic Goan flavours. You can also choose from a plethora of water sports offered here.

sunset on a beach
clouds over a lighhouse

Walk Through History

While Goa is synonymous with beaches, there is more to the coastal state that carries the centuries-old legacy of Portuguese culture. Hence, one of the must-visit places in your South Goa itinerary should be the Cabo de Rama Fort which offers a blend of history and mythology as Lord Rama and his wife Sita were believed to stay in this fort during their exile.

The fort premises also houses the Santo Antonio Church which was constructed in the mid-16th century as the Chapel of Cabo de Rama. Besides the church and the fort, you can also visit Mollen National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary which can give you an insight into the natural surroundings of South Goa.

A Surreal Experience

While Goa has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, parties, beaches and its cuisine, one thing that you might not know about Goa is that it has a hidden wonder that harbours a rare phenomenon. What we are talking about is the bioluminescent beach that offers a once in a lifetime experience.

Located between Colva Beach and Majorda Beach, Betalbatim Beach features a golden sand spread view during the daytime. However, during the night, it illuminates the shoreline due to the bioluminescent algae that glow at night. Though, the blue glittery waves are not the only thing here as the waves also emit a fluorescent green light during a full moon, when the high tides disturb the algae.

The beach also offers various adventurous water sports for tourists in the daytime. While planning your South Goa itinerary for 3 days, you can stay at Azaya Beach Resort, Goa which offers a plethora of luxurious accommodations and fine dining restaurants to choose from.

bio luminescent  algae illuminating sea waves