Everything You Need to Know about a Trip to Goa in October

Goa remains to be one of the most loved holiday destinations for most Indians. Primarily known for its beaches, parties and nightlife, Goa also offers a peep into Portuguese culture with its exquisite architecture and delectable cuisine. While the coastal state is visited across the year, the peak summers and winters of India are the most favoured time to visit, we would rather talk about Goa in October.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know why it can prove to be the best decision to visit Goa in October.

Calm Beaches

The prime time for tourists to visit Goa begins in mid-November, which means that Goa in October remains to be a calm place as you would not find jammed roads and beaches where people can be seen everywhere. You can get the much sought-after peace and calm while walking on the beach and actually hear the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore rather than the cacophony of the tourists and hawkers.

aerial view of beach with blue ocean
couple sitting under tree

Perfect Temperature

Due to the post-monsoon wash, the temperature is perfect in Goa during this time ranging from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius with an average of 31 degrees Celsius. The rain-showers almost pass by October giving the surroundings a fresh outlook. One of the best things about planning a Goa trip in October is that you can enjoy the weather with warm days and slightly chilly nights which are sparked up by occasional rain showers.

Back To Shack

Since the lull period of monsoon has recently gone by, the Shacks start opening up again before they get ready to welcome the tourists. As they are reopening, the crowd is lesser and the cost reasonable. Your experience is further enhanced as you don’t have to worry about the sunbeds because there is not enough crowd yet to jam the shacks.

shack on a beach during a sunset
colourful frames in a flea market

Flee to The Flea Markets

Goa is known for its flea markets and since they are just setting up during October post-monsoon, it is the best time to visit the flea markets as you can shop in peace. Some of the best-known flea markets in Goa are the Saturday night market in Arpora and the flea market in Anjuna. In case you want to tickle the bargainer in you, you can also get a good bargain as there is less number of tourists in the market. You can shop for the upcoming festivals also from Goa.
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