Things not to do in Goa

Goa is the ultimate destination for all travellers. Encompassed by exquisite scenery and immaculate beaches as well as interesting architecture, Goa has it all for a perfect getaway. Unfortunately like all places, Goa too comes with its baggage. We have compiled a list of things you should avoid doing in this city.

Avoid Littering

Goa is known for its pristine white beaches and crystal clear water. Do not litter around the area and make it worse for both the environment and other tourists. Make the right use of the garbage cans and keep your surroundings clean.

polluting sea beaching

Book Vehicles Cautiously

Avoid taxis and autos unless it is booked online, as they usually do not follow the metre readings and quote inappropriate fares. Instead, rent a car or bike and travel across the city at a much cheaper rate.

Drinking Irresponsibly

Goa is famous for its nightlife. It is stacked with nightclubs, shacks and affordable alcohol. While partying, ensure that you're drinking responsibly to avoid waking up with a throbbing headache.


Drinking and Driving

Never drive any vehicle after drinking. It can lead to fatal accidents and it is strictly prohibited by the administration. This is a punishable offence with 6 months imprisonment or a fine up to Rs. 10000.

Don’t Forget to Carry Snacks

Food can be a bit pricey in Goa. Always carry snacks with you to avoid unnecessary expenses during your travel.

chocolates and snacks
crabs on the beach

Sleep on the Beaches

Beaches are one of the places to avoid in Goa to fall asleep. They are filled with crustaceans like crabs, and lobsters. The beautiful night sky can be tempting for stargazing and eventually dozing off, but be prepared to be welcomed by crabs biting your body. 

Surfing in the Monsoon Season

The sea waves of the Goa beaches remain calm for most of the seasons, but things are different during the monsoon time. The tides can get too high for the surfers. For the safety of the surfers, the Goa administration closes most of the beaches to prevent unwanted accidents.

surfing board
Sea waves crashing against the rocks

Staying in North Goa

Northern Goa is a lively and bustling place with a huge number of tourists visiting every year. Instead of visiting North Goa, explore the scenic and lesser-known parts of South Goa. It is more affordable and is surrounded by the peaceful and rustic beauty of South Goa.

Risky Rides

Goa is full of several thrilling adventurous rides. You must be vigilant before indulging in any activities. Adventurous rides like surfing and paragliding come with their own risk. Before going for any such activities, make sure there is a professional instructor helping you.

man smoking in public

Smoking in Public

The Goan administration has strong no-smoking protocols. If you are caught smoking in public, you can get fined up to Rs. 25000. It is advisable to avoid activities which might lead to any complications while you are vacationing.

Goa has strict protocols to ensure all tourists are safeguarded and have a splendid vacation. It is an incredibly fun and lively place packed with a wide range of adventurous activities, exciting nightlife and delectable cuisine. Azaya Beach Resort is an ideal place to lodge in Goa, furnished with a myriad of luxurious activities. Experience a memorable time during your stay!