Anniversary Celebration In Goa

Goa is a paradisiacal vacation destination. The seemingly endless beaches, plush sand under your feet and innumerable stars above you offer an other-worldly experience that is not easily forgotten. There is no better place to celebrate with the love of your life, than this magical little state on the western coast of India. Here are a few ideas for your next wedding anniversary celebration in Goa.


Undoubtedly one of the most romantic locations in Goa due to its historic neighbourhood, a stroll through the unique Latin Quarter proffers a memorable marriage anniversary celebration in Goa. Take Insta-worthy photos at the numerous bakeries and boutiques, while the narrow alleyways with heritage homes make for picture-perfect moments.

colourful buildings on a street in Fontainhas
couple sitting under tree

Visit The Dolphins

For a special early-morning breakfast for two, pack some sandwiches, rent a boat from the beach, and cruise out to sea to enjoy a lazy day lolling around with the waves. If you are lucky, you may see groups of dolphins during your cruise. Witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat for a memorable anniversary in Goa.

Jungle Safari

At Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, try to spot leopards and other rare wild animals. This sanctuary in the Western Ghats is a short drive away from South Goa. This is among the best anniversary celebration ideas in Goa for nature lovers.

couple standing next to ocean
star-lit night on beach

Butterfly Island

One of the top activities for couples in Goa is a romantic late-night celebration in Butterfly Island. Only accessible by water, this little island in South Goa is near the northern end of Palolem Beach and resembles a large sandbar more than an island. However, it is completely romantic, provides seclusion, and is clean. Drink your favourite beverages, eat delicious food and spend the evening with your special someone under the stars.

Chapora River Cruise

Another great idea for a marriage anniversary celebration in Goa is a customised houseboat cruise on Chapora River. Guests can choose whether you want a day excursion or an overnight cruise when making a reservation at one of the many companies that offer these trips. This activity stands out among the other things you can do in Goa as a couple because it gives you a fresh perspective on life in the state. As you cruise along the river, take in the sights of fishermen preparing their nets, sand dredgers hard at work, songs drifting from the paddy fields and residents going about their daily lives in villages clustered along the river's edge.

speed boat with greenery in background

Goa is a stunning tourist destination that stretches along the Arabian Sea. Its enchanting beaches, roaring surf, murmuring pine forest and preserved colonial charms all combine to make a lovely tune. There are many romantic locations in Goa for couples which are blessed with incredible natural beauty.

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